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    12 april 2022 om 09:49

    Hey everyone!
    My plans are cancelled, so I am hoping to find someone to go on vacation with.

    1. 11 – 24 July ( It doesn’t have to be all 14 days, but 14 is max)

    2. Plane, train, bus or car (I have no license, but obviously sharing the costs)

    3. Most likely in Europe, but if it’s budget friendly somewhere else – I am in

    4. 20- 35 y.o.

    5. Best case scenario we make a group of 4-5 people.

    6. Clubbing, musea, eating, resort, long walks, nature, pictures or retreat – I am in for anything except for extreme sports

    7. I’d prefer to meet up a couple of times before the trip.

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  • Isa

    10 mei 2022 om 13:16

    Hai Angelina!

    Mijn naam is Isa en ik ben 24 jaar oud. Ik heb in die periode ook vakantie, misschien kunnen we even linken en kijken of er een klik is?

    Je mag me ook opzoeken op insta 🙂 @isapotharst


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